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Stoneman Douglas Celebrates State ChapionshipHigh school sports and little league sports are often overlooked online. For many years these school aged levels of sports have contributed to producing amazing athletes that often go on to be collegiate level champions; and even professional level hall of famers, so its puzzling that there isn’t a website dedicated to showcasing young athletes. That is until now, after researching the web high and low a recent website was discovered that services every sports level little league to professional, it’s called SportsTubeToday.

SportsTubeToday is the only place online where you can view little league sports videos, high school sports videos, and a wide variety of other sports videos. There are so many inspirational sports videos uploaded by a range of users across all genres of sports that highlight the talent of young and upcoming athletes.

Careers in Sports: Let your Passion for Sports Combine Business and Pleasure!

entry-level-sports-jobsYou don’t have to hang up your soccer cleats or trade in your tennis racket when your school days are over. By choosing a career in a sports-related field you can stay in the game indefinitely.
People who love athletics can work in areas as diverse as medicine, management, marketing, manufacturing and many other sports-occupational areas. Prospects are increasing as more people play and watch sports. With the explosion of sports for women and girls, entire industries have sprung up, such as women’s clothing and equipment. In other careers–like sports journalism and sports administration and sports training–opportunities for women to participate in previously male-dominated have, if not leveled the playing field, at least greatly expanded it.

There are over six million jobs in sports-related careers, according to Donna Lopiano, executive director of the Women’s Sports Foundation. While many of these jobs take special education and training, entry-level positions exist for young men and women willing to work their way up.
Careers in sports take many forms. While many young athletes dream of making it to the professional ranks, the reality is that very few make it that far. In other sports-related careers the news is more encouraging. From educators to architects, facilities managers to fitness instructors, physical therapists to professional athletes, there are positions to fill.

Below is a sample of jobs with suggested education and/or training requirements for breaking into the field.
Sports Journalist
Sports journalists report on the news of the sports world to the public. A four-year degree in journalism and/or equivalent writing experience is recommended. Job opportunities exist in newspapers and magazines, radio, and television. Most beginning journalists begin as interns on college newspapers, radio, or television stations or as general reporters on small-town newspapers. Curiosity, writing, and interviewing skills and the ability to work within deadlines are characteristics of successful journalists.
College Coach
College and university coaches are responsible for getting athletic teams ready to play in competition. In smaller colleges they may coach several sports, while in larger institutions they are mainly responsible for just one team. Duties include recruiting players, developing game strategies, and teaching skills. Most college coaching positions require a minimum of four years of college. A typical career path might begin as an athlete, followed by becoming an assistant coach at the high school or college level.
Exercise Physiologist
An exercise physiologist studies how the stress of exercise affects the body. The most common areas in which exercise physiologists work are prevention–teaching healthy lifestyle habits–and rehabilitation–helping to restore function following an accident or debilitating illness. They may manage a wellness center, teach, or conduct research. Most jobs require a minimum of a master’s degree with an expertise in exercise physiology
Sports Agent
A sports agent acts as a professional athlete’s representative in negotiating contracts, salaries, endorsements, and other business arrangements. Education includes a four-year college degree in business or a related major, often followed by a law degree. Negotiating skills, sales ability, and ability to work under stressful conditions are all traits of the successful sports agent.

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5 Best Reasons to Extend the Warranty on Your Pajero Sports Now!

adeNow that you are the proud owner of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sports, heads turn when this car is on the road. Known for its roaring engine and the speed to cut through air, the control and manoeuvring of this car are among the best in the models available. The company does make sure that if you are spending so much money, you are being offered value for money and many things in the car come covered under warranties up to a certain limit of kilometres or for a certain time period.

1.      Keeping you Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in good shape:

Shakti Motors is the reputed dealer with many years of market presence always wishes to offer a no compromise best service to all its customers. This is why they have launched the “Mitsubishi Peace of mind Extended warranty “plan to cater to all the needs of keeping your car in good shape for a long time. A sturdy model with an excellent wheelbase, this car can cut in small spaces and the parking is much easier as compared to the earlier models. While this car boats of a huge cabin space, it seemingly is a very compact model.

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BMW proves themselves as prestigious manufacturers of luxury Sports Cars and Family Cars

BMW-2__1828690cBMW has a long history in an automobile industry. The company is basically a German manufacturer of luxury vehicles. The history of BMW proves itself as a prestigious luxury sports car manufacturer in all over the world. BMW cars still have a hold in market, their vehicles are still among the top three vehicles list. BMW manufactured number of cars like,

2015 Sedans- 2015 BMW 3 Series Sedan, 2015 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 5, 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 7, 2015 5 Series Sedan etc.

2015 Convertibles- 2015 BMW 4 Series Convertibles, 2015 BMW 6 Series Convertible, 2015 BMW Z4 Roadster etc.

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Should Rock climbing be considered a sport?

IMG_8682Rock climbing is such an activity that not only demands physical strength but also mental stability. It basically tests the climber’s strength, endurance. Balance along with mental control. It is quite a difficult activity as one needs to be mentally active while performing this. A sport is basically an activity that requires a participant to perform with full endurance thereby displaying their skill and talent. It requires a person to be physically strong enough to face each and every hard situation. As per this definition of sports I think rock climbing should definitely consider as a sport.

As everyone is aware of it, rock climbing is a very strenuous activity that requires the participant to either climb the natural rock or an artificially made one. It is not a very easy sport as one should be fully aware of the climbing techniques. It is a very risky sport as well. This requires a great deal of training so as to be strong enough to face the physical exertion.